Who We Are?

About ME

Welcome to SongsAboutGhosting.tech! I’m DJ Shaks, your guide through the complex labyrinth of modern dating and its unique soundtracks.

With years of experience spinning records and navigating the digital dating scene, I found myself fascinated by the intersection of music and relationships, particularly the phenomenon of ‘ghosting.’ This led me to create this platform – a space where the silence left by ghosting is filled with the sound of carefully curated music.

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As a dedicated musicologist and tech enthusiast, I handpick songs from across genres and artists, each echoing the theme of ‘ghosting.’ My goal is to provide a comforting soundtrack that resonates with your experiences and helps navigate the often confusing emotions left in the wake of digital silence.

But Songs About Ghosting is more than a recommendation service – it’s a community. A space where music lovers can find solace, understanding, and perhaps even a bit of closure through the universal language of music.

So, dive in, explore, and let the music speak to your experiences. Welcome to SongsAboutGhosting.tech – where every song has a story, and every story is heard.

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