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Ice cream and music – two universal languages that bring people together. Both have the power to evoke emotions, memories, and even a sense of nostalgia. But have you ever wondered about the intersection of these two? Yes, we’re talking about songs about ice cream. Here’s a curated list of five such melodious treats that will surely make your day a bit sweeter.


Let’s start with the irresistible “Ice Cream” by Blackpink. This K-pop sensation, featuring Selena Gomez, is a fun, lively track that perfectly encapsulates the sweetness of ice cream. The lyrics are inviting, and the music video is a colorful fantasy that you’ll love to get lost in. The song is a delicious treat that you’ll crave again and again, just like your favorite ice cream flavor.

Next on our list is “Ice Cream Man” by Van Halen. This rock classic is a testament to the band’s versatility, starting off with an acoustic blues intro before transitioning into their signature hard rock sound. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, much like a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a hot day.

Third on our list is the sweet and seductive “Ice Cream” by Sarah McLachlan. This song is a beautiful metaphor for love, with lyrics that are as smooth and comforting as your favorite ice cream. It’s a song that you’ll want to listen to on repeat, savoring each note like a delicious dessert.

Next up is the catchy “Ice Cream” by New Young Pony Club. This indie rock track is a playful and energetic anthem that will make you want to dance. The lyrics are fun and quirky, much like an ice cream party on a hot summer day.

Finally, we have “Ice Cream” by Mika. This song is a vibrant and colorful pop track that captures the joy and excitement of a sunny day spent eating ice cream. It’s a delightful tune that will leave you with a sweet taste and a smile on your face.

These songs, each unique in their own way, encapsulate the joy, sweetness, and nostalgia associated with ice cream. They remind us of the simple pleasures in life and how music, much like ice cream, can be a source of comfort and joy. So, the next time you’re enjoying a scoop of your favorite ice cream, why not enhance the experience by listening to these songs?

For more such sweet melodies, check out our Spotify playlist “Songs About Ice Cream”. It’s a collection of songs that will add a scoop of musical delight to your day!


What song is used for ice cream truck?

One of the most popular songs used for ice cream trucks is “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin. However, the song choice can vary depending on the region and the personal preference of the ice cream vendor.

Who made ice cream song?

The song “Ice Cream” was made by the South Korean girl group Blackpink in collaboration with American singer Selena Gomez.

Was Ice Cream a hit?

Yes, “Ice Cream” by Blackpink and Selena Gomez was a major hit. It debuted at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Blackpink’s highest-charting song in the US at the time of its release.

Music and ice cream, both have the power to uplift our spirits. So, why not combine the two for a doubly delightful experience? Enjoy these songs about ice cream and let the sweet melodies add a scoop of joy to your day!

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